Advanced VoIP Engineers
Asterisk consultants with engineering, integration and troubleshooting experience.
Solve implementation problems, get more out of your existing system and automate customer interactions.

What We Do


Corporate/Enterprise Systems
We have experience assisting enterprise customers with upstream carrier integration (including trunk/codec issues).
Experience troubleshooting issues which cause reliability and quality issues including network related causes.
We can integrate Asterisk directly with database systems opening up possibilities for, among other things, self-assisted IVR's and user input verification.

Carrier Systems
Our engineers can engineer and build redundant, distributed, multi-node Asterisk clusters for carrier level network resilience.
We have extensive experience building automated fraud control systems (both end user and upstream providers).
We can script monitoring and management functions to ensure network wide reliability.


System Development
If you are looking to develop some new dial plan code for Asterisk or need help making existing code more efficient (for example minimising database queries by adding channel variables) we are able to assist.

We also provide pre-implementation engineering/consulting assistance to enterprise and carrier clients to assist with making sure the proposed solution will scale and will actually meet the design specification.

We're the people with the Asterisk experience you need!


Having worked on a variety of systems (from office phone systems to emergency motorist phone systems), in a variety of industries across several different countries, we already have the experience and knowledge required for the most complex engineering and poblem solving tasks.

Our philosophy isn't just to "fix a problem". We want to make your system better.

We also have experience working with different brands of CPE (Linksys/Cisco, Mitel/Aastra/Polycom, Snom) including automated provisioning.