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Automated API Access

Our API allows you 24/7 access to IP address risk ratings and attack/activity history.

Worldwide Data

Our data is collected from multiple geo-political areas helping us to detect attackers worldwide.

"Big data" Analytics

Data is collected and analysed 24/7 to alert us to new threats and gather useful threat analysis data.

About Us

During our extensive work in the telecommunications industry (VoIP systems) we've seen criminal activity, large and small. We thought life would be easier if we could detect IP addresses that pose a threat before they had a chance to attack a system.

This not only conserves bandwidth, it also protects system resources (routers, servers, firewalls etc) from being overloaded. It also helps prevent malicious IP's from probing and potentially exploiting security weaknesses in your system. Using multiple service types (SSH ports, web ports, VoIP ports and more) we're able to build a picture of IP addresses that are preparing an attack or can't be trusted.


What you can do with our data is only limited by your imagination. Below are a few common ways our customers use our API.

Firewall Automation

Fire a request, via our API, to build new firewall rules that will block all IP addresses that are in our database. Inclusion criteria/thresholds can also be defined.

Larger clients can maintain a copy of our IP address database locally to speed firewall rule rebuilds.

IP Address Checker

If you're providing a service that is transactional (for example serving web pages) you can check your visitors IP address against our database in realtime. You can then check the threat level posed to your systems.

Intelligent Firewalls

Sometimes, especially for a VoIP provider, you can't block an entire countries IP range. Or, "script kiddies" will use cloud resources located in a "safe" geography. Use our intelligence to selectively block known bad subnets from accesing your networks and services.


Useful Information

Our data shows the IP addresses that have attempted to perpetrate an attack on our systems and data collection nodes. We currently have multiple data collection nodes in various countries.

We currently log data on ports 22, 80, 443 and 5060 (SIP). More ports are being added shortly.

In addition to standard API access, if you need other types of access (multiple IP addresses for remote offices, database replication access to maintain a local copy of our data, you wish to bundle our data into your product/service) then please contact us using the form below and we'll be happy to assist.

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